Redbeard The Pirate struggles to adapt to his new life in Middle America

On his job search, Redbeard comes across Walmart and, having misread it as “Whale-Mart,” thinks he finally found a job suited for him. He storms into the manager’s office demanding a job interview. Although an unusual candidate, the manager gives him a chance. They can’t fire him because pirate discrimination.

Because of his lively personality, the Manager thought Redbeard might make a good greeter. This plan backfires when he scares away most customers before they’ve even gotten all the way through the front door.

Next, he tries his luck at the register. Unfortunately, Redbeard isn’t used to handling paper money, and he tears the customer’s cash with his hook.

Then, the Manager places him in the technology section. Little did he know, Redbeard knows as much about technology as somebody from the 15th century.

Finally, just as Redbeard was going to give up, he notices a crisis in the baby section. Joey, who works in the baby section, is ignoring this mother’s plea for help.

Redbeard intervenes and saves the day. He reverts to his pirate-y instincts and he sings and dances. Who knew he was so good with kids?

The Manager, impressed by his performance, encourages Redbeard to always follow his instincts.

Redbeard goes back to the technology section and realizes that organizing cables is just like tyin’ the ropes.

As a cashier, he takes out a treasure chest to give the customers change.

And as a greeter, he uses a cannon to shoot customers into their respective aisles.

The manager officially hires him. When “Clean up on aisle 8” is heard from the speakers, Redbeard paddles his shopping cart to the scene.